The Best Online Tools, Tutorials & Resources For Artists – Part 2

In my last blog post, I started listing some of the most interesting and beneficial digital art tools and resources that all artists should know about. Let’s continue with that exploration:


PaintTool SAI – Tool

mark litzler paint tool sai

PaintTool SAI is a downloadable paint tool program. It isn’t as advanced of some of the other tools listed, but it is very user friendly, and great for those who don’t require a highly sophisticated program. The program offers countless paint options and does have the option to incorporate multiple layers and different canvases. It’s simple interface is both a pro and a con in my opinion. A plain UI means it’s simple to use and very user friendly, but for some the plainness may come across as outdated.

Protip: This is a free, downloadable program, but there will be prompts for you to upgrade to paid services. My suggestion is to try out the free version before committing to anything more serious.

Image via: WikiCommons


Artsy Shark – Resource

mark litzler artsy shark

Artsy Shark is completely different than the other tools and resources I’ve listed so far. Artsy Shark is a website that was created by art business extraordinaire, Carolyn Edlund. The website is dedicated to helping artists create a business out of their art. Carolyn has a unique perspective and unmatchable experience from her work as the Executive Director of the Arts Business Institute. Artsy Shark offers business consulting and website review services for artists, while simultaneously offering a platform to be discovered on their Featured Artists Gallery page.


Artists Inspire Artists – Resource

mark litzler artists inspire artists

Artists Inspire Artists is an online space for artists to come together to exchange inspiration and support. It’s a blog “founded on the idea that the greatest forms of creativity are often sparked by sharing in the creativity of others”. Artists Inspire Artists has grown and developed into a community of artists that blog about what inspires them, their art, and everything in between. The entire project is submission based, so this resource is almost like an art project in and of itself. It’s a space where artists are coming together to create something beautiful.